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EDM Mixing and Mastering EQ Tips With Maag Audio
July 16, 2017
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VintageMaker Custom Analog Summing Mixer Review
November 18, 2018

Poolside Chats Podcast (Episode 20)

Continuum Music Studio Poolside Chats

Continuum Music Studio Poolside Chats

Poolside Chats Podcast: Episode 20 “An Interview with Maag Audio”

Episode 20 is a very special, we could even go as far as to say monumental, episode of the podcast! Dom and I are proud to announce that our first guest on the show is none other than the Maag Audio family!

This episode is packed with a ton of laughs, quality information, ideas for tracking, mixing, and mastering and a bunch of excellent stories from Cliff Maag Sr. about his journey in the audio engineer world. Hold onto your hats everyone; you are in for a real treat!

As many of you know (from following the show, reading the blog, and staying connected with us via social media), we are HUGE fans of Maag Audio in both the digital and analog domain. The Continuum Music Studio has with every Maag Audio product (minus the preamps) on tap! To learn more about Maag Audio check out the extensive blog article HERE. This article talks about the differences in the software vs. 500 series vs. 19-inch hardware. Maag Audio products will thrive on any genre of music, but in the realm of Pop and EDM, these products genuinely kick serious ass!

We would not be more thankful for the opportunity we had to sit down with some of our audio engineering idols. It is not every day we get to have an extensive conversation with the guys who make the gear we love. A BIG thanks to Cliff Maag Sr., Cliff Maag Jr., and Ryan Maag for being on the show. If this article prompts your interest to dig digger into the wonderful world of Maag Audio here are some vital links you will want to check out:

Kriss Walas Endorsement of Maag Audio

Maag Audio EQ4 Tutorial with Dom Tass

The Maag Audio Site

The Maag Audio EQ4 Plugin from Plugin-Alliance

The Maag Audio EQ2 Plugin from Plugin-Alliance

Purchasing Info of Maag Audio

Maag Audio on Facebook

It was Jamie Jasta who said, “Satisfaction is the death of desire.” Endeavour to learn and grow friends, if you do you will live your human experience to the highest level while manifesting supreme levels of creativity along the way! For more info on The Poolside Chats Podcast, or to check our episodes where Kriss/Dom have been guests check out the official page for the Podcast right here at The Continuum Music Studio.


Episode 20 is packed with the following:

  • Maag Audio history

  • Cliff Maag Sr’s transition from being an artist to being an audio engineer

  • The Maag Audio tracking method

  • The legendary “Air Band” creation

  • The new Magnum-K Compressor

  • Mixing Techniques from Cliff Maag Sr.

  • The Maag Audio mantra from Cliff, Cliff, and Ryan

  • The Maag Audio plugin design

  • The differences between the software and hardware EQs

  • The Maag Audio EQ4m Mastering EQ

  • Tips and Tricks from the Maag family

  • The Maag Audio mantra for making gear

  • Words of advice from each family member regarding tracking and mixing

  • The Continuum Remix Contest details with the Maag Audio EQ4m as first prize for mastering

  • and Much More!

We deeply hope that you enjoy the show! We need to mention that Maag Audio has been kind enough to contribute a brand new EQ4m Mastering Edition EQ for the upcoming remix. mix. master contest! Stay tuned here at Continuum for more details on our first contest in partnership with Pyramind and Indaba Music.

To catch up on all previous episodes not available on iTunes, Stitcher, etc… please venture over to the Continuum Music Studio YouTube Channel. Here is a direct link to the full Poolside Chats Podcast Playlist!

The Full Collection

If you would like to learn more about us, please check out our websites. If you are new to our programming Kriss is the owner of the Continuum Music Studio and Dom is the co-owner of Lotus Sound with his brother Nate. Both Continuum and Lotus offer professional mixing and mixing services coupled with a passionate attitude. For more information on us personally or our services please check out the following links.

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Lastly, our podcast is hosted on several platforms for your viewing pleasure. Click any of the following images to be connected directly to The Poolside Chats Podcast on your preferred listening medium.




Thanks again for checking out the show. If you would like to advance your music production and mixing game be sure to check out The Continuum Music Studio YouTube Channel. We add new videos to our channel each month and base all our videos on user requests and needs. So, if would like to learn more about a specific topic like “mixing with compression” or plugins like “Maag Audio EQ Tips” be sure to be in touch with us directly through the contact page. Here is a link to The Continuum Music Studio YouTube Channel!


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Kriss Walas
Kriss Walas
Kriss Walas is a constantly expanding musician, composer, music producer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, writer, DJ, artist manager, CEO, record label owner, Reiki practitioner, meditation enthusiast, avid learner, and spiritual activist. Now, at age 31 Kriss has committed himself to living through heart and only spending his time on endeavors he is passionate about. It is for this reason he is proud to be working with the amazingly passionate and talented artists, partners, and educators who are affiliated with The Continuum Music Studio and The Music and Recording Arts Academy.