July 30, 2016

Using MIDI Drums vs. Using Audio Drum Samples (Part 2)

MIDI drums offer detailed control over tuning, pitch accuracy, and editability. Audio drums are often as easy as “drag and drop” but might need pitch correction plugins to tune the pre-processed samples to the key of the project. Many music producers buy and use sample packs. Sample packs have a high value in today’s music production market because these packages offer high-quality kick drum audio samples at affordable costs. When using audio samples, it is a wise idea to audition/use various pitch correction mixing plugins to understand some of the best ways for tuning kick drums (for the specific files at hand). One plugin might work perfectly for an organic kick drum whereas another plugin might work better for an 808. The key is to understand where the strengths are in each of the tuning based mixing plugins offered in the DAW or purchased for the DAW. If audio is not the direction of choice and mixing plugins are a […]