August 16, 2016

The 5 Best Reverb Techniques (Emotional And Abstract Perspectives – Part 3)

Room, plate, hall, spring and convolution verbs should occupy 1-3 sends in the DAW. The selection and use of these reverbs should vary from project to project based on the needs of the song. Many audio engineers and music producers use template-based workflows while others prefer a more “free form” and creative approach to routing with sends for time-based effects such as reverb. No workflow is better than another, and all workflows with sends and time-based effect use should be tailored to render the desired results needed to bring a song to its full sonic potential. Articles 1 and 2 cover the foundation for reverb types, the benefits, and the drawbacks when overused. It is encouraged you take a moment to read these articles even if you are a seasoned music producer. It never hurts to refresh your creative palette of ideas with some reading and knowledge gathering. Part 1: Room and Plate Reverbs Part 2: Hall, Spring, and […]