August 22, 2016

The 5 Best Reverb Techniques (Plugins and Hardware Explained Part – 4)

Reverb mixing plugins and analog hardware units are a staple in all serious home studios up to commercial studios. Having a few tonal options is a wise choice when it comes to reverb. In this final part of the five best reverb techniques series, we are going to cover some amazing plugins and hardware that should make your wish list! If you have been tuning in since article 1 of this series, you will know that we aren’t aiming to be a “traditional” source for music production and audio engineering perspectives. The Continuum brand is striving to be something “different” perhaps even something a bit more “abstract” while simultaneously covering foundational themes for audio engineering. We believe that music production comes down to two vital concepts: 1. Understanding the foundation of audio engineering tools. 2. Understanding the emotional and more abstract side of these devices so the application of the tools can render sonic and emotional experience for the listener. […]