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The Continuum Music Studio is fueled by passion. Our approach is to serve the client to the best of our ability. We operate from a commercial building off Highway 80 and Marconi, a few miles from Arden Mall in Sacramento.

The production, mixing and mastering room is built around a custom mastering engineer's desk built by Sterling Modular. The desk is laid out with a large variety of analog hardware positioned perfectly, so the engineer never sways out of the sweet spot. The entire room is treated with custom made acoustic products. Some of the featured mixing and mastering hardware centered around the industry-standard Maselec MTC-1X Mastering Transfer Console is the infamous Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, highly revered Manley Massive Passive EQ, Bettermaker 232p MK2 Pultec EQ, Dangerous Compressor, API 5500, and more.


Square Foot Custom Facility
Billiard Room
Artist Lodging
Photography Studio
Video Studio
Post Production Suite
Podcast Studio
Live Room
Vocal Booth


We offer recording, songwriting, sound design music production, mentorship, mixing, mastering and post-production in all genres of music. The majority of our work is in the genres of Hip Hop, All genres/sub-genres of EDM, Pop, Rock, Indie, Country, Singer-Songwriter, and Film. For artists looking to record or for producers looking for live instrument recording the facility has a wide range of instruments, microphones, and preamps. Some of the gear located on-site are Gibson guitars, Vintage Fender Guitars and Amps, Vintage Marshall Amps, Mesa Boogie Amps, a Roland 88-Key Fully Weighted Digital Piano, Neumann Mics, Shure Mics, AKG Mics, and much more.

Our studio is best known for Hip Hop recording sessions over 2-track mixes, songwriting with acoustic/indie/rock artists, music production (in all genres - with an emphasis on Hip Hop, EDM, and Rock, video production, ADR, audio for video, mixing and mastering. Please contact us today so we can learn more about your project and your needs. It is our mission to serve you at our highest ability.