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Mentorship and Artist Guidance

There are lots of people claiming to be “experts,” but odds are, they just learned the same bad habits you already have. Our mentors/producers/engineers over 18+ years of experience in producing AND training so you know you’re learning good practices that will have an immediate and lasting impact on your work. Our mentors are experts in various DAW’s, styles, subjects, disciplines, and genres of music who have a wealth of experience to share with you.

Whatever you’re looking to get lessons/training with, we have a service and a mentor for you. We specialize in Pop, Hip Hop, Indie, Rock, Singer-Songwriter, and all genres of EDM. Whether you are creating a new sound, trying to get signed by a record label, or implementing your music into a movie Continuum has experienced professionals to help guide you on your journey. With a convenient booking, it’s easy to find a time that works for you both. We do not do anything back-and-forth with emails try. We schedule/communicate via phone. We are all about doing business in a highly connective and personalized manner. Our mission is always to keep our artist's needs at the top of our priority list.

We offer online training for all those who can not attend our real studio in person. When in an online mentorship session, we each share screens and sound which eliminates the need for slow session uploads. For those who are working out of home or project studios, Continuum also offers training sessions at your own home or in your studio as well. Our engineers have worked all over California/Nevada and have helped nearly 100 artists build/setup home studios and learn the ins and out of production in their personal creative space. No matter what your mentorship needs are, Continuum has you covered.


Music Creation For Solo Artists and Groups

We offer recording, music production, and songwriting services. Many artists come to Continuum looking to record vocals, instruments, and have skeletons of songs produced into radio-ready creations.

Most of the tracking is done in our control room but have an isolation room if desired. We specialize in recording Hip-Hop artists over 2-track files, acoustic instruments, vocals, background vocal groups, and help singer-songwriters produce original music. We employ a "co-creation" approach to music production. We are proficient in the digital realm and work quickly in manifesting the desired sound an artist hears in their head to translate from the speakers. We have a vast collection of analog and digital synths and VSTs to capture the sound of any decade, mood, and vibe. Our sample library extends over 2TB.

Continuum has a large microphone collection ready to suit the needs of any style of music. We also have a wide range of instruments including a Grand Piano and a room of Guitars and Amps (many vintage units). For more information on our mentorship and co-creation approaches to the songwriting and recording process contact us today. We offer block rates for full day and larger projects.


Unlimited Number of Digital Stems

Multitrack mixing through a variety of DAWs and the finest analogue hardware into a computer system that can handle anything

  • Computer: Mac Pro with 32 gigs of RAM and an 8 core intel processor. This beast has enough power to mix over 120 plug in saturated tracks with zero latency
  • Interfaces: 32 Universal Audio Apollo and 32 Channels from Antelope Audio Orion 32 Plus
  • Analog Summing: 32 Channels of VintageMaker Custom Analog Summing and Additional Channels by Dangerous Audio
  • DAWs: Ableton 10 for Sequencing. Logic Pro X for Composing and Mixing. Pro Tools 12 for Mixing and Stem Work. PreSonus Studio One v4.


2 Track and Stem Mastering

All masters are Radio Ready. All masters are Mastered for iTunes and Mastered for all major Streaming Platforms. Our 2-track and stem mastering services feature the highest quality OTB analog hardware and ITB mastering grade plugins. We render commercially loud prints with high-resolution. All masters come with a sonic action plan for success and two (2) revisions. All masters are embedded with sufficient dynamic range and are never crushed to oblivion with excessive limiting.

We do not do anything in a cookie cutter fashion. We believe that all art and artists are unique. We care about your brand and want you to have the best product possible to represent yourself.

Our approach is to retain the character of the mix while enhancing the emotional ideas (the artist) presents to us. Our preferred method, which renders the best results, is to work in stems and use a combination of mastering-grade mixing plugins, choice analog hardware, and transparent high-headroom analog summing.

We believe that each artist who works with us should have their "OWN sound." Continuum works hard to help artists understand branding while giving music a competitive edge. Everything we do from the engineering side of the process is in line with the sound and brand the artist is creating/sustaining. It is our goal to deeply and clearly understand YOUR vision for YOUR art so we can sonically enhance YOUR expression to be its full potential. We offer 100 percent guarantee satisfaction and are happy to revise the master until the artist's vision has manifested (ask for more info about multiple revisions).


Music and Video Productions

We offer ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement), Audio Editing, Composing, Scoring, Arranging, Sound Design, Foley, Dialog Restoration, Post-Production, Mixing and Mastering for Film. We have a wide range of digital tools from iZotope (the RX Professional series), Nugen Audio, Accusonics, and many others. Our goal is to meet the needs of the producer's/director's vision for the film in a highly professional manner. We do all tracking in the control room of our studio or iso room. Our rooms are treated with custom professional acoustic treatment design by acousticians for optimal sound quality. For more info about audio for video or how to submit stems from Adobe Premiere (or another video editing application), please contact us directly.


Music and Video Productions

We are proficient in recording, composition, song structure, arrangement, sound design, orchestration, and much more. We have glowing reviews on Facebook, Yelp and more as being one of the best "one stop shop" studios in the greater Sacramento area. We work on all genres of music and do a considerable amount of work as ghost producers. Our mission is to help artists achieve a unique and branded sound based on their influences and idols. We have an extensive collection of microphones, recording gear, software, and instruments. Some of our instruments for tracking include Vintage Fender Amps/Guitars, Baldwin Grand Piano. Modified Mesa Tripple Rectifier Half Stack, and much more. We also do an extensive amount of video work for audio engineering companies and education outlets. Some of the companies we work with directly are Pyramind, Maag Audio, Audified, IK Multimedia, SSL and many more. Check out our Partners pages for more info.