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Remix and Mixing Contest Sponsors

All Sponsors below have contributed something of massive value to the contest. Please click the photo of each company to get more information on each sponsor We are deeply grateful to all our sponsors. We are deeply honored to be working with these companies which all inspire artists to be highly creative.


Blue Sounds Better

Mäag Audio is one of the most respected companies in the audio engineering world. Mäag Audio is a family owned business and has always stayed true to its roots. Maag Audio offers their iconic EQ units in the software domain as well through Plugin-Alliance and UAD. Mäag Audio is contributing the Mäag Audio EQ4M Mastering EQ hardware the contest. It sounds breathtaking! For more info on Mäag Audio products, check out our in-depth article (click Mäag Audio photo for direct link to blog). There are also more links in the article for information found directly on the Mäag Audio website.


Cables You Can Trust For Life

Mogami is the most trusted cable company in the music industry. For anyone that knows anything about recording, mixing, or mastering OTB, it is common knowledge that high-quality cabling is by far the least sexy part of the analog hardware chain, but the most essential for studio owners. Without high-quality cabling, there is no point in running high-quality gear. When your pair Mogami cables with Neutrik connections built by Marshall Electronics you have the trifecta of sound engineering at its finest! We would go no other way for our cable needs. If you are in need of cables for your studio, look no further than Mogami.


Legendary SSL Tone

SSL is one of the leading companies and audio enginering and have been for decades. SSL is contributing the full Duende Bundle of plugins to the grand prize winner.

Frets 4 Vets

Custom Designed Instruments

BB Custom Musical Instruments is one of the premere custom music outlets in the US. All instrurments are handbuilt and constructed with the finest tools, woods, and more. Tom Baker, CEO and designer, is extremely passionate about making instruments. Tom is now making guitars for Frets 4 Vets. These custom guitars are donated to veteran's based charities each year. Tom designed a custom "Continuum" guitar for the grand prize winner consisting of a Bartione structure with custom wood and neon inlays.


Musicians First

IK Multimedia offers everything a music producer could need from quality home studio monitors, to powerful VSTs, to vintage emulations of some of the most sought after analog hardware. IK Multimedia is contributing the ARC 2 Room Correction System, the iLoud Monitors, and multiple Total Studio Max Bundles. IK products are in multiple contest prize catagories.


M/S Mastering Tools and Audio Plugins

Home mastering is currently in high demand. Plugin-Allaince offers some of the most well reviewed home mastering products in conjunction with arguabley one of the most impressive mixing and music production collections on the market. Plugin-Allaince is contributing multiple custom bundles where winners can pick and choose their plugins of choice which best suits their studio needs.


Technology for the Artist

Empirical Labs has been thriving since the Distressor exploded on the market year ago as being the "Swiss Army Knife of Analog Compressors." Today, Empirical Labs offers a wide range of hardware and software to suit the needs of all recording artists and music producers both ITB and OTB. Empirical Labs is contributing one 500 Seried DerrEsser which has been regarded by many as the best analog DeEsser ever made.


The Sample Boutique

Loopmasters is the most iconic platform for VST patches, samples, courses and much more. The modern music producer understands the value of having high quality samples to work with and Loopmasters delivers nothing but the best. Loopmasters is contributing a plethora of custom bundles to multiple winners as well as a free samples pack with nearly a half gig of unique samples to all people who simply enter the contest.


Tools for the Audio Professional

Softube emulates some of the most classic and sought-after sounds in the analog hardware world.

Softube emulates some of the most classic and sought-after sounds in the analog hardware world. With names like Trident, Tonelux, Valley People, and more you see just by reading this that Softube offers a wide range of brands and tones for any music producer's needs. Audio engineering is about having the right tools for the job, period! Softube give you more than you need, but everything you want! Softube is contributing their full plugin collection to one lucky winner.


Industry Leading Education and Multimedia Facilites

Pyramind is one of the leading companies in the music industry for scoring, audio for video, post, film scoring, video game scoring, in-person education, online education, and online mentorship based education. This company truly does it all, and they have nearly 20 years of experience working with some of the biggest names in film and music.

Pyramind is truly a forward thinking and innovator in the business. Pyramind's team of industry professionals, such as Chris Gear (the founder of ADSR) is constantly creating new programming which aids to empower the global music production community. Over the last 2 years, Pyramind has developed a global Mentorship Network to connect aspiring music professionals with a dedicated mentor based on their needs and time zone. To learn more about Pyramind's Mentorship Network click the Pyramind logo to go to the mentor page of Heart Rate himself.


Audio Research Solutions

Audified is a cutting edge company offering quality mixing tools as well as the highly reviewed Mix Checker plugin. Audified is making a new for themselves by emulating very rare analog tube gear while also offering one of the best sounding digital reverbs in analog 500 series format. Audified is covering the spectrum for music producers on any budget. Audified is contributing a wide range of products to multiple contest catagories.


Professional Mixing Plugins

Plug & Mix offers a wide range of mixing plugins to suit the needs of all genres. These plugins are very simple to use and pack a beautfiul sonic punch within the processing. Plug & Mix is contributing multiple full bundles to multiple catagories.


A Leader in VSTs and Sample Packs

Big Fish Audio offers some of the most epic and well produced sound packs and samples on the market. The company offers a wide range of collections for all major synths. In addition to having some of the most well made packs on the market, Big Fish Audio is always coming out with new packs based on the emerging shifs in EDM and Pop genres. Big Fish Music is offering a custom bundle for the contest.


Top Tier Audio Plugins

Plugin Boutqiue is one of the most acclaimed marketplaces online for audio plugins. The scope of products offered is very wide ensuring tools for all producers and engineers. Plugin Boutqiue pays close attention to the needs of their users and is always releasing new ground breaking products to keep people in a highly creative state. Plugin Boutqiue is contributing multiple prize bundles to the contest.


Leading and Innovative Music Production Tools

8Dio offers some of the most realistic and beautful sounding sample and VST libraries online. 8Dio spends meticulous time and resources developing content which excels beyond the normal production quality of sample based music production applications. 8Dio is contributing award winning multiple sound packs to the contest.


Ian Shepherd

Ian Shepherd is a mastering engineer and runs the popular Production Advice website. He is also the host of The Mastering Show podcast, and has contributed three “Enhanced” memberships of his acclaimed Home Mastering Masterclass course to the contest.


Metering Plugins

Music creation and engineering processes have become highly visual in the last several years. It is vital for all producers and engineers to have reliable and accurate meters to make the visual component of DAW workflows more streamlined. While it is always important to mix with your ears, your eyes offer a crucial second point of reference. MeterPlugs offers meters for loudness, dynamics, and much more. MeterPlugs is contributing several of their award-winning prizes to multiple contest categories.


Simple Stunning Mixing and Mastering Tools

Sonalksis is a company, which does not often make the forums or blogs. In fact, this is one of the main reasons we love these guys, they are the biggest little secret we know of in the music production industry. Sonalksis offers a wide range of very powerful and beautiful sounding tools suited for audio engineers in all genres of music production, mixing, and mastering. From great sounding EQs to Stereo Widening, Sonalksis has a plugin for everyone. Sonalksis is contributing their full bundle to one lucky winner.


Professional Audio Tools

MeldaProduction offers some of the most creative and inspiring music production and audio engieering tools on the market. MeldaProduction offers extensive and in depth plugin bundles for production, mixing, and mastering. The MeldaProduction products are very unique and truly empower creativity. Melda Production is contrbuting multiple prize packs to the contest.


3D Mastering Tools

Matthew Lane is one of the most well-known and professional mastering engineers in the business. Over the last few years he dedicated a considerable amount of time to bringing his personal workflow to the digital recording world in with his customized mastering plugin. Matthew is contributing the Dr. MS plugin which is a powerful and rather intricate product that will do wonders for any ITB master.


The Icon: Sylenth1

Sylenth1 is one of the most used, if not the most used soft synth in EDM and modern music genres. Sylenth1 is of of the most powerful synths on the market and one of the easist to use. While there are a lot of emerging synths Sylenth1 will always be highly regarded by many top tier music producers. This synth is on track to be a legacy. Lennar Digital is contributing one license of Sylenth1 to one lucky winner.


Education and Music Evolution

AudioSkills gives musicians and producers an easier way to learn recording, mixing, mastering, and music production. Founded by Scott Hawksworth, a lifelong musician and audiophile, AudioSkills is a growing community for those truly passionate about "DIY music". Scott works with expert audio professionals (including Grammy Award winners) to release new premium courses each and every month. Whether it’s through the AudioSkills Podcast, written guides, or premium courses, AudioSkills helps home audio enthusiasts of all skill levels get radio-ready sound with any kind of music.


Audio Education and Training

Steve Bennellick offers recording, mixing, and mastering training via Skype. Steve Bennellick has been involved in these fields for a shade under a decade and has great passion for working with people one-on-one and in small group settings. Steve Bennellick's teaching style is fun and relaxed and allows for the student to use his/her DAW and system preferences of choice during the sessions. Steve Bennellick teaches everything from setting up a home studio to mastering. For more information on sessions, booking, and more contact Steve Bennellick today via his website. The first lesson is always free!


Online Guitar Lessons

Steve Bennellick offers guitar lessons via Skype. Steve Bennellick is a multi-instrumentalist and has a vast amount of knowledge to share with eager players looking to develop their musicianship. Steve Bennellick's teaching style is highly connected and in tune to where the player is at in their current process of mastering the guitar. Steve Bennellick plays in bands, records his own music, and runs a professional home studio. For more information on sessions, booking, and more contact Steve Bennellick today via his website. The first session is always free!


Digital Metering Tools

"LEVELS is a refreshing alternative, presenting the metering tools that are needed in today’s loudness-normalised world in an affordable, easy-to-use package" - Sound on Sound. One lucky winner will recieve a copy of LEVELS.


Audio Effect Plugins

LVC-Audio creates digital processing effects for amateur and professional recording artists. Specializing in equalization, dynamic processing, and saturation, each LVC-Audio plugin can be used to produce captivating and authentic audio. Plugin formats include VST, VST3, AU, RTAS, and AAX, and work in a variety of digital audio workstation (DAW) applications on both a Mac and a PC. Whether you are working with Logic, Reaper, Pro Tools, Studio One, or any other DAW application, LVC-Audio plugins will help you find the right sound.