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Record Labels We Work With

Uninvented Records

A Complete Artist Development Platform

Encourages Artists to "Create Differently"

Uninvented Records signs artists who are breaking rules creatively while being mindful of commercial trends. Uninvented Records wants to offer music to the world which inspires innovation and creativity. Uninvented Records mission is to uninvent ourselves so the label owners can bring the world original music which inspires people to feel something.

Uninvented Records has a passion to work with people who live in passion. The Uninvented Records Motto is: Passion fuels creativity and innovation. Without passion, we are all just overworking ourselves. Uninvented Records is currently accepting submissions via the website.

Bliss Corporation

A Pioneer in EDM

Bliss Corporation is a large Future Bass/EDM European indie label

From 1992 BlissCo has been the Factory behind the international hits of many EDM bands like Eiffel 65, DJs From Mars, Karmah, Gabry Ponte. BlissCo takes care of the full production process, from creation, to promotion, distribution, video-making (with an in house Green Screen facility), licensing and publishing (through its GZ 2538 publishing branch).

Recently Bliss Corporation has focused mainly on Future Bass and Trap with artists like ItzNoReal (a nerd DJ producing with an Artificial Intelligence), Loco Hill, Mario Sem, dbKILLA and many others. Bliss Corporation’s two main labels are: “The Dominion” (specialised in EDM) and “Dance Fragile” (for Future Bass/Trap releases) which curates a brand new playlist, too.

All Free Repost (AFRP)

Where Artists Meet Their Audience

Online Streaming Music Markteing for Artists in All Genres

It is a well-known fact that Soundcloud is one of the internet’s most popular music streaming sites. If you are an artist, you’re definitely familiar with the platform. As an active user on Soundcloud, you are also aware of the various repost networks that exist.

What you may not know is how those networks operate. AFRP is changing the way promotion works. Through greater transparency and collaboration with promoters and artists alike, AFRP has created a platform that is unlike any other promotion service on the planet.

AFRP believes that promoting quality music should be easy. Contact AFRP directly for more information. AFRP also runs a record label called All Free Records. They are currently open for submissions. After all, good music is good music.

UFO Recordz

An Up and Coming EDM Giant

International EDM and House Record Label

UFO Recordz is based in South Africa and Sweden. UFO Recordz has had the opportunity to work with immensely talented musicians, producers, DJ’s and artists assisting in distributing, collaborating, releasing music, and music promotion. UFO Recordz has a team of experienced professionals who are glad to assist artists in all of the multiple areas of career development.

UFO Recordz is a label under The STK Group. UFO Recordz is very active on Submit Hub and is always encouraging artists to submit music. UFO Recordz has connections with major companies in the music industry and can do a lot for new artists who are looking to make a new for themselves in the EDM would. UFO Recordz is lead by a team of people who LOVE music, who make music themselves, and deeply enjoying the process of turning unreleased tracks into online sensations.

The STK Group

Conglomerate of Record Labels

International EDM Music Lovers

The STK Group is has a following of over 100k on YouTube. The STK Group is the parent company to a host of prolific labels in the EDM world. Such labels include: UFO Recordz, Epidemic House Music, Let's Rage Records, and more. The STK Group has worked with artists such as Marshmello and Alan Walker. The STK Group has videos topping over 13 million views and counting. The STK Group is, without a doubt, going to be one of the biggest label conglomerates in the EDM game over the next few years. Get your music into them now, before the blowup!

The STK Group lives and breathes music. The 2 founding CEOs are extremely active in the music scene. The STK Group is more than just a conglomerate of record labels, it is also a hub for EDM news, events, remix contests and more. You can submit demos to The STK Group via Submit Hub as they are always looking for new talent. The STK Group is deeply passionate about music, developing artists, and ushering in the next generation of trendsetters in the EDM world.

EpiDeMic House Music

Inspiring House and Progressive House Music

Taking House Music to the Next Level

EpiDeMic House Music is a label under The STK Group parent company. EpiDeMic House Music focuses on all genres and subgenres related to house music. EpiDeMic House Music is open to submissions via their website and through Submit Hub.

EpiDeMic House Music has long roots in the house music would. As label owners and music lovers, the team is very active in the scene and is constantly looking for emerging artists who exhibit both talents in production and also drive in terms of promotion. EpiDeMic House Music has several industry connections and loves to develop artists and assist with career branding. The entire EpiDeMic House Music team is all about each artist on their roster and will always conduct themselves with a high degree of passion.

Let's Rage Records

Territory Specific Representation

EDM Representation for South African Artists

Lets Rage Records is an Independent, South African Digital Record Label owned by The STK Group. Lets Rage Records is accepting submissions for artists in the South Africa location. Lets Rage Records may be expanding its reach over the next year or so, but for now, this labels territory is quite specific.