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Poolside Chats: A Podcast for Aspiring to Seasoned Music Producers, Audio Engineers and Recording Artists.

Poolside Chats is a Podcast highly influenced by topics on the more "spiritual side" of music production and creation. The podcast covers all topics of music production and audio engineering while gearing the information toward the genre of EDM, Pop, and modern genres of music. Each episode is packed with a plethora of valuable information on the craft as well as questions answered from our audience. Please feel free to submit questions or inquiries to and we will bring up your topic submissions and questions on one of our weekly shows! Thanks for being with us, enjoy the show!

Oh yes.... one more thing....For those interested in learning more about audio engineering and music production outside of the Poolside Chats realm, here are a few links to some of our favorite podcasts. The first is called Producing Out Loud and is brought to us by the good people at Pyramind. Pyramind is one the most elite educational institutions online. Pyramind is located in San Francisco, CA. The second is AudioSkills, a very cool site developed by Scott Hawksworth offering educational resources for a home studio owners. Definitely, check out the podcasts in your free time. Episode 6 of Producing Out Loud features Kriss Walas as a guest to talk DAWS, The Loudness Wars, Mixing Techniques and more. Episode 24 of The AudioSkills Podcast features both Kriss and Dom taking Mix Bus Processing.Big thanks to these hosts for having us on the show! We are grateful to be a part of others programming which is empowering people globally to be creative.

Kriss and Dom Talk Mix Bus Processing with Scott

Kriss and Dom Talk Mix Bus Processing with Scott