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The Continuum Music Studio's Remix and Mixing Contests

2 Contests held in 2018 In Total Featuring Over $43,000 in Prizes!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Reality Remix Contest and Your Love Mixing Contest. We had over 500 submissions and several thousand people enter. A huge thank you to everyone at Indaba Music for hosting the contests.

Click photos to see the sponsors and prizes from the most recent contest. Thank you to all our sponsors. This would not have been possible without you!

Contest Sponsors
Continuum Music Studio Remix Contest Prizes

Heart Rate - Featured Artist

Record Label: Uninvented Records

The song "Your Love" was recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered at the Continuum Music Studio. "Your Love" is a fusion of EDM, Progressive EDM, Chillstep, Future Bass, Trap, and Pop. Heart Rate owns the label Uninvented Records. The top 5 winners will receive generous prize packages from The Continuum Music Studio and our sponsors clocking in at just over $8000.00.

Heart Rate Your Love

Tutorial Videos on The Prizes

Here are several videos showcasing the prizes of the contest. All videos are tutorial based and offer product walk-throughs. Prizes are shown within the "context of the mix" and featured in both Ableton Live 9 as well as Logic X.

What To Do From Here

For the full list of tutorials please check out The Continuum Music Studio YouTube Channel. More tutorials are available from Pyramind as well featuring Kriss Walas. For more info regarding the contest please head over to Indaba Music. Click the links below to dive into everything. Can't wait to hear your creations! Have fun and stay creative friends!