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2015 Partners


Analogue Vibes in The Digital Domain

Eiosis brings a revolutionary sound to the world of digital mixing plugins. The AirEQ is an powerful tool which will speed up any workflow for mastering engineers, mixing engineers, music producers, and recording artists. This company really knows how to fuse innovation with simple intuitive application.

For those of you who have never heard the name Fabrice Gabriel, where have you been for the last several years. This mastermind is the name behind the Slate Digital stuff as well as the Fairchild mixing plugins from several of the industry leading designers. His name alone on this mixing plugin next to the name Eiosis should be enough to get you looking into their products, today!

We are beyond excited to have everyone at Eiosis with us! We have a variety of analogue hardware at the Continuum Music Studio, and find ourselves showing students the power of the Eiosis AirEQ more than some of our coolest toys.

If you are on a budget or working ITB (in the box) make it a point to check out Elosis. Their contribution to the Music and Recording Arts Academy has changed the way many students approach EQ.


Everything For The Studios and Live Application

Radial Engineering has made an impressive mark on the music industry over the last few decades. When we think live sound, recording studio tools, and build quality we think Radial Engineering.

Radial Engineering has brought several amazing products to the Music and Recording Arts Academy. As educators we know that students do not have the capital for analogue hardware. But, what about smaller versions of pristine analogue hardware at a fraction of the cost! This is where Radial and The Continuum Music Studio have thrived working together!

Our education facility and recording studio is outfitted with 2 Radial Engineering Six-Pack 500 Series Chassis. These racks sit front and center on the mixing desk and see a TON of action from all students and music artists. Under the hood of our analogue hardware collection we run several Passive DI Boxes and Twin ISO boxes. These pieces are critical for our needs when integrating mic pres into the mixing process and making sure all of our older unbalanced gear is protected!

We are blessed and proud to be working with a very intelligent and customer service orientated company like Radial. .


Effects As Powerful As Your Imagination

Sound Toys are without a doubt the most impressive effects based processing company to hit the digital realm of music production. It does not matter is you are running Pro Tools 12, Logic X, or Ableton 9....Sounds Toys will change the way you create!

Sound Toys will bring a color, a shape, and a sound to your mixes that will not only give you depth and movement but also add a whole new dimension of creativity to your art.

Sound Toys has just released its latest advancement in the mixing plugin world. The Ultimate Effects Rack is something that every music producer, mixing engineer, and artists needs. This plugins are cost and CPU effective, not to mention sonically pristine. Some sound analogue while others sound digital, and this could not be more desired! No matter what your end game, Sound Toys will deliver.

Since bringing these digital toys to the Music and Recording Arts Academy, every student who hears these pieces of algorithmic gold have a new impression for what quality effects should sound like! It is our pleasure to teach the all the Sound Toys products in our Mutli Effects and Advanced Mixing Courses.


Creatively Addicting

U-he is one of the most interesting companies in the digital audio industry. Many recording arts know the u-he name from their stellar VST synth collection. Not only are the u-he synths top notch, but the mixing and mastering plug ins also go the extra mile in quality and functionality.

When u-he became an affiliate of The Music and Recording Arts Academy everything changed in the realms of both mastering compression ITB (in the box) and tape saturation.

If you are new to audio engineering and missed the generations of music producers and audio engineers who used tape machines you owe it to yourself to take some time to listen to some music for the 60s-90s. Before Pro Tools became the industry standard, the tape machine was king!

The two disappointing elements of digital music is nothing sounds vintage, analog, or warm. Digital music is known for being cold and over compressed. This is why the u-he mixing and mastering plug ins are critical for the modern music artist, music producer, or audio engineer who is looking for warmth. These plug ins redefine digital sounds applying just the right amount of vintage color and mojo. Finally, analogue in the digital world, we could not be happier to be working with Yo(u-he)are it!.


Clarity Your Can See and Hear

Nugen Audio has created a set of high-end audio tools for music producers and audio engineers of all levels. Audio loudness, accurate visual representations, and CPU efficiency are three things audio engineers love. This is what Nugen delivers.

Nugen Audio contributed their entire collection to The Music and Recording Arts Academy and students absolutely adore the ways these mixing and mastering plug ins look and sound. Since installing these products on our main educational system we have not removed the Mastercheck, Visualizer, or VIS LM2 from our final chain.

Nugen Audio is beyond impressive. The plug ins are clear and transparent and look stunning in color and vibrancy on the smallest or largest of screens. The only drawback here is the learning curve. A curve that will benefit any audio engineer on a massive level once the foundation of knowledge is in place.

Nugen Audio is changing the way we "look" at music. Sadly, many students and younger music producers mix more with their eyes than ears. Though this is not the ideal way to work, there is a powerful aspect of digital mixing that can incorporate the eyes. This is where Nugen Audio thrives. Use your eyes and your ears with Nugen! We have only gratitude to everyone at Nugen Audio.


A New Way To Master ITB

Sonoris offers pure flexibility with all of their products. If you think that all digital EQs are created equally, especially on your mastering 2bus chain, Sonoris will make you think again.

The Music and Recordings Arts Academy is equipped with several mastering grade plugins, and we could not be happier. The Parallel EQ and the Mastering EQ are extraordinary tools which give us something we don't have with any other products.

If you are friends with any mastering engineers or read the forums you have probably heard the brand Weiss mentioned. Weiss is known in the industry as being one of the most versatile and powerful mastering EQs in the analogue hardware world. We are going to say that, in our use, Sonoris plug ins come close to the quality and flexibility of some premier analogue hardware on the market that most of us would have to sell a kidney to afford!

Mid Side Processing. Parallel Processing. Multiband Processing. All clean and precise with Sonoris! These tools are best suited for final mastering jobs and post production. If you are ITB (in the box) and thinking about getting your music to the next level in terms of mastering and post, Sonoris is a bulletproof way to go. We are thrilled to have the Sonoris supporting our mission in education.


Legendary Analogue FX in Your DAW

Eventide has been a name that has been synonymous with music since well before any of us at The Continuum Music Studio were alive! Eventide is the most historically iconic name when it comes to multi effects and for very good reason, everything these guys make sounds epic!

Eventide over the last few years has brought their award winning name and high-end caliber of analogue hardware processing to the digital mixing world. Knowing that ITB (in the box) digital recording is the wave of the present Eventide now offers a stunning digital collection of their most sought after analogue hardware.

The Anthology X package is quite possible the only effects bundle you will ever need. Audio pros all over the net rave about these products and we will do no different. Music production is all about two things: Time and Tools. If you put the time in to learning these tools your art will benefit greatly.

Eventide's products will require a some study and experimentation. If you invest your cash and hours in these products you will be very happy with the endless sonic possibilities and analogue quality. In our opinion, nothing beats an H3000. Now we are proud to say we have one at The Music and Recording Arts Academy in plugin from! Eventide, your guys rock.


Cables You Can Trust For Life

The Mogami name has been under Marshall Electronics for quite some time and we are proud to have this legendary and industry standard brand cabling our full Continuum Music Studio facility.

Mogami is one of the most trusted cable names in the music industry. We have personally been using their cables for our studio setups for years and finally got to the level to be working with Marshall Electronics directly!

For anyone that knows anything about recording, mixing, or mastering OTB (outside the box) it is common knowledge that high quality cabling is by far the least sexy part of the analogue hardware chain, but the most essential Studio owners know the biggest expense in gear comes spools, lol. Without high quality cabling there is no point in running high quality gear. Remember that kids!

We are proud to have designed a custom snaking system with Marshall Electronics for our analogue and digital patch bays. Mogami has a color to the cable and that color to us just sounds like warmth and clarity. When your pair Mogami cables with Neutrik connections built by Marshall Electronics you have the trifecta of sound engineering at its finest! We would go no other way for our cable needs, even if we were not now partnered with them. A thanks to Alex Butchart and everyone at Marshall Electronics for making this extensive expansion a reality.


This Gear Will Alter Your Perception Of Sound

Analogue summing, is it necessary? Well, to answer that you would have to ask yourself if buying organic food is necessary! We would have to say hell YES to both. Though non-organic food will suffice your hunger demands it will do nothing for your physical health and wellness. We feel the same about OTB analogue summing.

Analogue summing is now a standard staple in the digital recording world. Analogue summing is offered in mixing plug ins, but it is not true analgoue summing. Analogue hardware is the only way to truly sum.

Before purchasing the Burl Vancouver 32 for the Continuum Music Studio we tested several summing units by the major companies on the market. Though we got great results with all the boxes, the Burl did something truly special that no other box could. It was for the reason we returned the others and placed the order that changed over lives forever.

We read everything we could on analogue summing from every forum and academy of sound engineering we could. Ultimately, our ears needed to experience it. Once we did with Burl Audio, game over. Since installing this piece of sonic heaven we have not turned it off. Major props to everyone at Burl Audio your passion and supreme audio quality pours out of whatever monitors we have hooked up.


This Gear Will Alter Your Perception Of Sound

The Softube name is new to you, you have been missing out for quite some time. In the last few months many of their amazing mixing plugins are now available through the Universal Audio name, which says a lot about their mixing plug ins alone.

Softube emulates some of the most classic and sought after sounds in the analogue hardware world. A few notables that serve The Music and Recording Arts Academy on a student-by-student basis would have to the Summit audio collection, Tube Tech collection, and the Active Passive Pack.

With names like Trident, Tonelux, Valley People, and more you see just by reading this that Softube offers a wide range of brands and tones for any music producer's needs. Audio engineering is about having the right tools for the job, period! Softube give you more than you need, but everything you want!

At the Continuum Music Studio, we have the following analogue hardware: UREI 1176, Tube Tech PE1C, and a few DBX 160Xs. We can comfortably say when we need or want to stay inside the box during our classes or during mixing students projects we can achieve a quality sound with the Softube line. Their emulations get damn close to the hardware, and don't need maintenance.... What a perk! Softube will change your game. Check them out. We are stoked to be working with them!


This Air Will Take Your Mixes Higher

The Music and Recording Arts Academy was first exposed to the Maag Audio name through the mixing plugin world. This plugin quickly became a favorite for instructors, students, and staff of the Continuum Music Studio on literally every kind of sound source imaginable!

It was not until a pair of Maag Audio EQ2s and EQ4s were added to our 500 Series collection that we really heard and felt the power and pristine audio quality of the Maag Audio name. The mixing plugins do a nice job for digital recording, but the hardware is breathtaking.

Maag offer a very clean and smooth sound and feel. We use Maag EQs on all of our stem mixes and masters. The stepped bands make it very easy to dial in exact settings unlike our Neve 1073s which sound great but are not stepped! Music producers and audio engineers know it's the little things like stepped rotary knobs that make a huge difference.

We would strongly advise you check out the plugin version of the Maag Audio name to really see the power of these simple EQs. The bands are picked with precision and there is no need for 15 decibels or gain boost or cutting on these boys! A little goes a long way. Especially on the "Air Band," which is by far the best part of these puppies.


3D Mastering Tools

Matthew Lane is one of the most well-known and professional mastering engineers in the business. Over the last few years he dedicated a considerable amount of time to bringing his personal workflow to the digital recording world in with his customized mastering plugin.

Dr. MS is a powerful and rather intricate product that will do wonders for any audio recording artist, music producer, or audio engineer who is looking for space, width, and depth ITB (inside the box).

As much as we would all love an extra $20k to drop into our laps for quality analogue hardware that specializes in spatial enhancement this is not our reality. What can be your reality is investing a small chunk of change in Matthew's powerful plug that will change the way you master you songs ITB (inside the box).

One day we all will get OTB (outside the box) and have a nice collection of analogue hardware. Until then we all know quality mixing and mastering plug ins are our best friends! Dr. MS comes at a low cost with substantial learning curve, but it is 1000 percent worth the investment. Audio mastering, bus compression, and spatial enhancement are all skills that take years to perfect. So start today, with one great mastering plugin! Only support for Matthew and his work in the mastering field, we are pumped to have your name at The Music and Recording Arts Academy.


The Best Sounding Live Drums in MIDI Format

It's not everyday we (a small education based institution and music studio) get a call from a CEO of North American Operations when inquiring about music production software for The Music and Recording Arts Academy. Rikk Currence called us personally to talk about our vision for education as he has a personal passion for education especially when fused with music.

Toontrack is one of the most recognizable names in the recording software music industry, and for good reason. Tooktrack's products are simple, profound, deep, and intuitive. All things that students and music artists love when dealing with new software in their DAW.

Toontrack integrates seamlessly with all DAWs. We have been teaching the EZ Drummer 2 software for quite some time now and it is a huge hit. We love the way the VST/AU interface operates and how the plugin integrates seamlessly in our main DAWs (Logic X, Pro Tools, and Ableton Live).

The real power in Toontracks products is how authentic the samplers sound. If you choose to take 10 minutes to read the site, you will see the intense production and recording that went into capturing the drum sounds (and all sounds for their instruments). You can tell these guys care and really love what they do. It has been a blessing to have Toontrack behind us in our mission of passionate education. Check out these products, you will be blown away by the realism and ease of use.


Vocal Processing and Auto Tuning Gold

Antares has T-Pain to thank for putting them on the map. Their brand was always a brand of quality but today it is forever imprinted in the minds of young music producers for vocal processing. Autotune can be an aggressive tool, but if used in more moderate ways it can do wonders for all audio engineers in any genre of music.

Antares was generous enough to contribute their whole collection to The Music and Recording Arts Academy. Since we have implemented these tools, students coming from all musical background have been impressed with the sound these mixing plugins offer.

We have to admit, these plugins will not make every mix, but they will add something amazing to mixes in need of vocal correction and enhancement. The truth of the matter is many up and coming audio engineers work with singers who need guidance. When singers won't listen, Antares can save the session once the ego infused singer leaves the building.

From Warm to Throat Evo, there is a plugin for everything vocal related! The harmony engine is powerful and smooth. The Live Engine followed by the Punch is a lethal combination. Now matter what we need, Antares has you covered. These guys are the leading vocal processing company for a reason. Check them out!


Simple Stunning Mixing and Mastering Tools

Sonalksis is a company, which does not often make the forums or blogs. In fact this is one of the main reasons we love these guys, they are the biggest little secret we know of in the music production industry!

Sonalksis offers a wide range of very powerful and beautiful sounding tools suited for audio engineers in all genres of music production, mixing, and mastering. From great sounding EQs to Stereo Widening, Sonalksis has a plugin for everyone.

We first got introduced to Sonalksis three years ago when doing heavy research for a transparent mastering compressor. When we did not have any hardware and needed flexible and transparent tools for our ITB (in the box) mastering chain Sonalksis was our go to for compression and EQ.

After few years of experimenting with all the Sonalksis tools we knew they would thrive at The Music and Recording Arts Academy. When Sonalksis was excited to work with us, everything changed. Before we had a budget for hardware there was not one mix for a student that did not have several instances of these amazing mixing and mastering plug ins. Without Sonalksis our workflow would not be the same and we are blessed to say these guys are a huge part of our educational program.


Recording Made Simple and Cost Effective

Rogue Amoeba is by far the coolest company name ever. The only thing cooler than the name Rogue Amoeba is their logo. The only two words that come to mind are "awesomely badass."

Rogue Amoeba is your one stop shop for all audio and video related products for Mac and PC. These are utility applications designed to make your life easier.

We personally use Audio Hijack. This software is a big part of how we record video, podcasts, and stream video live with high quality audio.

We have not released any of this content yet, as it is still in the works. But if you are running a nice small video shop out of your home and need some great utilities that will make things run way more efficiently look no further than Rogue Amoeba. As a side note, even if you do not need their products, snag a copy of their logo. It is that cool!


A Revolution in Mixing Automation

Cableguys has nothing to do with the controversial Jim Carrey movie that could have very well been the death of his career. Cableguys is an innovative audio company that has personally changed the way we automate our music.

The most common question we get from students at The Music and Recording Arts Academy is, "How can I make automation less of a chore and incorporate it more?"

As we all know automation is a huge creativity sucking pain in the ass. But, we also know without automation in extensive form, our music does not have the same feel, drive, and excitement that it would with several lines encoded into multiple tracks.

EDM (Electronic Dance Music) production is all about the little things. Yes, Pro Tools have much more sophisticated automation options than Ableton Live. And yes, many academy of sound engineering schools talk about the importance of automation. But this does not mean you have to invest a grand in a new Pro Tools license or video tutorial packages on Ableton Live. All you need to do is check out the Cableguys stuff and we promise you will thank us for it when your mixes and masters sound better because of your automation work! A big thanks to everyone at Cableguys for enhancing our lives.


The Most Durable Patch Bays In The Business

The Music and Recording Arts Academy and Continuum Music Studio were the only facilities in California, maybe the United States, which had a decent collection of outboard gear with zero patch bays! That was until late 2015! Thank God!

Our 16 channel interface allowed us the option to hardwire everything and there was never a "need" for such an expensive edition. We felt saving the money and doing the routing of cables before each session was a way to cut costs, but we were wrong!

Yes we did save some money (for a while), but in the end all the time cabling gear and going behind the rigs with a flashlight in our mouths was just a hassle! We did a lot of research before going with Audio Accessories and we are very happy with our choice.

Audio Accessories is the most robust and solid bay on the market. Audio engineers know that you pay for what you get, and DBX is just not going to cut it when it comes to digital recording patch bays for your analogue hardware. If you are developing a healthy analogue hardware collection, even if that only means 3 units, look to Audio Accessories. We have 3 Shorti DB25 bays and we can not wait to own more gear to need more.


Not For RAM Sparse Systems

Acustica Audio has truly redefined what digital recording can do for any artist with their line on convolution based mixing and mastering plugins

Anyone who is ITB (in the box) knows that the goal is to get music sounding as warm and analogue as possible. Though many companies advertise their products to be very warm and analogue this is not always the case.

If you are looking to jump into the realm of warmth on an ITB level, then you need to seriously consider Acustica Audio. There is one major drawback, these products will suck the life out of your CPU as these mixing and mastering tools are convolution.

We feel that if you learn how to maximize routing and sends within your DAW of choice this company is a no brainer. Even if you are running Logic X on a laptop and learn how to print tracks you will be better suited with just one EQ and compressor from these guys over a few pieces of cheap analogue hardware. We currently only have a few plugins from Acustica Audio, but are looking forward to the future is we are loving what we are hearing and think these guys are onto something that could change the way our students mix and produce music through the instruction at The Music and Recording Arts Academy.


The World's Best Recording Technology Magazine

Anyone who is an avid learner in the music industry loves publications direct to their front door. We at The Music and Recording Arts Academy are subscribers of several publications and have been for years. We are truly blessed for the writers and passionate people who have dedication in the writing industry to make the lives of all of us better!

We are very proud to announce that one of our most prized publication sources is officially on board with Continuum Music Studio! Today we are here to offer a massive amount of gratitude to all the good people at SOUND on SOUND!

Sound on Sound slogan is "The world best recording industry magazine" and this could not be more accurate. Every month, each issues is packed with objective gear reviews, testimonials from industry professionals, DAW tricks, and ways to improve your workflow and music production and/or audio engineering skills!

We cannot say enough about this magazine and company. To have them affiliated with us is honestly a dream come true!


Handcrafted With Precision and Impact

Coleman Audio is a very small and very impressive pro audio outfit in the United States. These products are most likely built at the home kitchen table of the company owner who is driven by passion for audio.

Coleman Audio appealed to The Music and Recording Arts Academy and Continuum Music Studio because of its build quality, transparent sound, and bang for the buck!

We are currently running the 5-Way monitor switcher and could not be happier. We monitor from a Dangerous Music Dbox for our main 3 way Genelecs and our other 4 sets run through the Coleman.

We have a set of Focals, Avantones, Alesis, and JBLs and this Coleman Audio box allows us the versatility to switch between all 5 sets with no delay, artifacts, or coloration. If you are in the market for some recording studio utility tools, audio engineers look no further than Coleman Audio.


Hassle Free Mastering To Reference Tracks

Sample Magic is a company best known for its sample library collections and extensive soft synth preset libraries, but they are more than that.

What attracted the Continuum Music Studio to Sample Magic was the Magic AB Plugin which can be used in all DAWs.

This plugin is small but fierce. It offers real time reference checking by giving you the ability to upload a variety of tracks into the banks and switch in and out to see how your music production stacks up against the audio pros!

Version 2 just came out and is packed with new features that will enhance your productions having the ability to reference in powerful but simple ways. The cost of this plug in is what you will spend on coffee this week. Go check it out. This is one piece of recording music software you do not want to be without


Game Changing Plugins For All DAWS

HOFA is a company, which takes pride in its creations. HOFA is not the most colored on the market, and if you ask anyone at The Music and Recording Arts Academy they will tell you that is a great thing.

Limiting for example is tricky in the DAW realm of ITB mastering. You want to retain the dynamics and color of the mix simultaneously. This is where the HOFA products really shine.

A good mastering compressor and mastering EQ will do wonders for you mix in the color departments. It is for the reason you want some tools that are not colored to preserve the color of your ITB or OTB dynamics processing and EQ.

From Meters to DeEssers HOFA offers an affordable and fairly intuitive line of mixing and mastering plug ins that will give your DAW and workflow a whole new vibe without the mojo. HOFA, we are proud to have you with us in our mission of delivering a transparent education to all of our students in house and online.


Sound Designable Mixing Tools

LVC Audio has a variety of modern world mixing and mastering plugins, which offer some great tonal shaping ability and character.

The LVC Audio line of music production tools are right up there with the best on the market if you are looking for ways to sound design while you are mixing and mastering your songs.

LVC is not genre specific though at The Music and Recording Arts Academy these plugins are taught to many students learning EDM (Electronic Dance Music). We have found that for EDM genres like: Dubstep songs, Trance music, Chill vibes music (better known as Chillstep), and house music these tools thrive.

The color from the mixing plug ins can be achieved by pushing the controls pretty hard. You can also get a clean sound but its rather gritty for clean which we personally like. We are stoked to have some cool modern tools in our curriculum at The Continuum Music Studio. Thanks a ton LVC.