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Kush Audio REDDI DI, Novatron, and Gold Plate Plugin Review

The newest batch of plugins from Kush Audio is stunning. At Continuum, we are blessed to have a wide range of hardware and software at our disposal. We proudly feature both Kush hardware in our racks and plugins in our digital tool chest. The minds behind kush audio products are some of the best in the business. With Gregory Scott at the helm, it is not surprising the newest batch of plugins set the bar even higher for the digital mixing and music production tools.


Preamp emulations are in high demand in 2018. Many home studio to professional studio owners are relying more on DSP and RAM than anything else. While we would all love to have an extra 5k for preamps – the software versions are becoming increasingly more popular thanks to the evolution of plugin designs. Kush audio recently unveiled the REDDI DI which is a tube/transformed based design, very accurate to the hardware. You may be asking, what’s the point of a DI plugin. That simple answer is tone.

The REDDI thrives on low-end instruments and in parallel. There are a plethora of mixing plugins on the market which can “warm up” the low end, so it makes sense that this plugin might not be on the “must have” list. The reason why kush plugins rock is two-fold – one, they just sound amazing — two – oversampling capability. These two components are critical factors for us, and these should be for you too. If your bag is high fidelity audio and sonic richness that matches hardware, then the REDDI DI should be on your list.

A brief overview: Turning the Bass clockwise boosts a low shelving EQ, at 100Hz, that works exceptionally well in tightening and emphasizing the sub and low frequencies. The Bass shelf is applied before distortion, so boosting it doesn’t result in the sort of volume rise you’d expect from a regular EQ, as the tube saturation piles on the compression. YES!

Gain matching is vital for not being fooled by output level changes. Flipping the Headroom switch drops the input signal by 20dB with a compensatory gain boost at the output to bring it back up by the same amount. Again – solid for level matching. With Headroom engaged, the distortion becomes much more subtle, giving an alternative style of processing that proves useful for less overt warming treatments. It’s always nice to have variances in coloration vs. one full blast on saturation.

Naturally, the REDDI thrives on rock and pop music and can do wonders for bass. This plugin also succeeds in parallel on subs, kick drums, snare drums, soft synths and more in the EDM world. Try using theREDDI as the first plugin in the chain to gain stage/add tone or on a send. You will be happy with the results in both serial and parallel processing.


Who doesn’t love compression, compressing drums, synths, the mix bus – no matter what the sound source mixing with compression is one of the most fun aspects of audio engineering. With the VST instrument being the music producers most potent tool – the use of combining plugins for creative applications and sound design is a standard production practice. The Kush Audio Novatron offers something for everyone. Tone, vibe, innovative capability, analog mojo, parallel processing glory, mastering grade sonics and more. No matter what source audio is thrown at Novatron will impact something special and desirable.

Novatron impressively models various compressor types; Fet, VCA, and Vari-Mu. With this, It can be used for clean bus compression, smashing the crap out of a bus, or on a single instrument to tame dynamics. Novatron can add some serious character injected on a synth bus, or be used for extreme FET crushing to give drums a “mojously” infused and analog sound. Yet, we are coining “mojous!” (Laugher) Novatron can also get smooth and thick vocals or a steady thick bass just like classic leveling hardware.

Novatron features two separate Transformer Saturation options. One on the way in, the second on the way out. There is also an option to bypass for clean compression tones. It also has two optional Tone Circuits.  The attack and release response on Novatron is revolutionary to the “in the box” compressors world. The 3D solidity and tone it produces are characteristic of expensive hardware and excels on every genre of music.

Novatron is compression for the 2018 and beyond. Why limit yourself to just one compression type when you can have a hybrid of FET/VCA/Vari-Mu all in one box. The added function of being able to offer clean and colored tones makes this a swiss army knife compressor. For many people, it is often the case where ones have to choose between FET/VCA/OPTO compression and color or transparent compression, but Novatron can about do it all without over thinking the process.

Novatron perfectly bridges the gap between the simple but effective with few well-designed parameters. Novatron emulates compressors like the 1176 and other ‘fully featured’ compressors which give extensive control. As per the usual Kush design ethos, many of this plugins parameters are non-numeric or subjectively labeled promoting the ‘use your ears rather than your eyes’ workflow. Using your ears is a good thing, friends. Learn to use them without relying on your eyes constantly.


Reverb, we all love it. Some people say a delay is the better way to go. Professionally speaking, reverb and delay is a must on every mix. Why only use one when you can use both! Digital has made leaps and bounds over the last 10 years.  EQ, compression, saturation and more have come a long way. But, reverb is still an area where hardware often wins. Hardware offers a degree of multidimensionality, dynamic contour, and realism. Bluntly speaking, many reverb plugins sound flat, linear, and synthetic. Over the last two years, huge strides have been made with making reverb plugins sounding more “alive.”

Now in 2018, Kush Audio pushes the bar further with the creation of the Goldplate – a reverb to truly stand up against top-notch hardware units from past and present. Finally, reverb has shown up to the table! Honorable mentions to a few UAD reverbs, Altiverb, Liquid Sonics, and select others – the list is small – Kush is making a huge splash.

Goldplate offers breathtaking, silky smooth reverberation tails with unparalleled harmonic shaping. If you are in the market for dynamic sparkle, warm tone, shimmering ambiance, and lush landscapes of depth – this plugin is a no-brainer! Goldplate goes far beyond traditional reverb controls, allowing for a warm distortion of the signal pre-reverb and thick, pumping compression post-reverb. What makes a kush plugin so special is the secret sauce by adding harmonics to add the vibe that made Kush plugin overall so famous. Goldplate is an excellent fantastic plate reverb plugin that sits so elegantly in my mix and soon yours, and it has the secret kush sauce included.

Continuum is honored to be offering these stellar kush audio products to all of our students. If you are interested in mentorship in production, sound design, mixing or mastering reach out to us today. A big thanks to our friends at Kush Audio for making these plugins available to us. At the end of the day – making music should be fun! When our music sounds good, we are more infused with passion — big ups to Kush for inspiring us all a bit more.

Kriss Walas
Kriss Walas
Kriss Walas is a constantly expanding musician, composer, music producer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, writer, DJ, artist manager, CEO, record label owner, Reiki practitioner, meditation enthusiast, avid learner, and spiritual activist. Now, at age 31 Kriss has committed himself to living through heart and only spending his time on endeavors he is passionate about. It is for this reason he is proud to be working with the amazingly passionate and talented artists, partners, and educators who are affiliated with The Continuum Music Studio and The Music and Recording Arts Academy.