July 16, 2017

EDM Mixing and Mastering EQ Tips With Maag Audio

Mixing and mastering would be a challenging task without EQ. EQ allows for the alteration of phase to create unique and exciting contours of sound. Whether mixing ITB (in the box) or hybrid (mixing plugins plus analog hardware), the choice of EQ always matters. No two mixing or mastering EQs are equal in function. The wise approach is best to understand the tools of the trade, before randomly grabbing whatever plugin EQ which was used yesterday during the mixing process. Education is the initial key to evolution. Now, let’s talk EDM mixing and mastering EQ tips (with Mäag Audio). Rather than diving into all the different kinds of EQs and what the various curves can do, it would be best to start with the most used EQ curves which are wide bell curves and shelves. There is no shortage of wideband and shelve EQs on the market. What there is a shortage of are mixing and mastering EQs which are […]
December 19, 2016

Plugin Review: SSL Duende Bus Compressor

The SSL Duende Bus Compressor is the most analog emulation for an SSL mix bus compressor plugin on the market. Though this Mix Bus Compressor has fierce competition in the mixing and mastering plugin market, it stands out for tone and the ability the represent analog character in the box. With companies like Cytomic, Slate Digital, Waves, IK Multimedia, Native Instruments, Universal Audio, and more there is a myriad of options available for all genres and at all price points. While all of these companies make excellent mixing and mastering plugins, we feel that the SSL Duende Bus Compressor plugin is the closest emulation to the analog hardware bus compressor. At The Continuum Music Studio, we have the X-Logic Bus Compressor by SSL which is the SSL recreation of the classic gray face Bus Compressor unit that is in just about every famous studio in the world. While it would be wonderful to have the vintage SSL at Continuum, we […]