November 18, 2018
Analog Summing Continuum Music Studio

VintageMaker Custom Analog Summing Mixer Review

Analog summing – what is it, is it needed, should you invest the cash into a rig? In a nutshell, analog summing offers the analog console sound in a small rack-mount format without the high cost, maintenance, or footprint of a full-size analog console. Is it needed – no. Will you fall in love with it the second you hear it – yes. Should you invest the coin to get an analog summing mixer – not if you, have low-end converters. Yes, if you have good converters and want all the benefits of analog processing across the entire production, mix, or stem mastering session. We used a bunch of summing boxes including SSL, Dangerous, Burl, and more. We gave Paul’s (owner of Vintage Maker) Neumann summing mixer a shot to see how it sounds. This thing is a godsend for mixes! Lush and extensive, all the depth you could ask for, has an FX send/Return options, plus busses! Paul is […]