November 29, 2018

Kush Audio REDDI DI, Novatron, and Gold Plate Plugin Review

The newest batch of plugins from Kush Audio is stunning. At Continuum, we are blessed to have a wide range of hardware and software at our disposal. We proudly feature both Kush hardware in our racks and plugins in our digital tool chest. The minds behind kush audio products are some of the best in the business. With Gregory Scott at the helm, it is not surprising the newest batch of plugins set the bar even higher for the digital mixing and music production tools. REDDI DI  Preamp emulations are in high demand in 2018. Many home studio to professional studio owners are relying more on DSP and RAM than anything else. While we would all love to have an extra 5k for preamps – the software versions are becoming increasingly more popular thanks to the evolution of plugin designs. Kush audio recently unveiled the REDDI DI which is a tube/transformed based design, very accurate to the hardware. You may […]
November 18, 2018
Analog Summing Continuum Music Studio

VintageMaker Custom Analog Summing Mixer Review

Analog summing – what is it, is it needed, should you invest the cash into a rig? In a nutshell, analog summing offers the analog console sound in a small rack-mount format without the high cost, maintenance, or footprint of a full-size analog console. Is it needed – no. Will you fall in love with it the second you hear it – yes. Should you invest the coin to get an analog summing mixer – not if you, have low-end converters. Yes, if you have good converters and want all the benefits of analog processing across the entire production, mix, or stem mastering session. We used a bunch of summing boxes including SSL, Dangerous, Burl, and more. We gave Paul’s (owner of Vintage Maker) Neumann summing mixer a shot to see how it sounds. This thing is a godsend for mixes! Lush and extensive, all the depth you could ask for, has an FX send/Return options, plus busses! Paul is […]