October 23, 2017

Poolside Chats Podcast (Episode 18)

Poolside Chats Podcast: Episode 18 “We’ve Got Questions!” Welcome friends, we have another exhilarating episode of The Poolside Chats Podcast in store for you today! In Episode 18 of the Podcast, we address a host of questions for our dedicate Facebook Group (The Beginner to Advanced Music Production Group). If you are not currently a member of this group, you are most certainly going to want to sign up! Our group is slowly becoming one of the best little communities online for music producers and audio engineers from home studios to professional outfits.   Episode 18 is packed with questions on some of the more “comprehensive” topics in the realm of mixing. Some of the topics we cover in this episode are: Creating contrast in the mix Automation for depth and width Using time-based effects to create groove and space How to add dimension to a mix while retaining mono compatibility The facts about analog summing ITB vs. OTB hardware and plugins […]
October 23, 2017

Poolside Chats Podcast (Episode 19)

Poolside Chats Podcast: Episode 19 “We Speak Words Well” Welcome friends, we have another exhilarating episode of The Poolside Chats Podcast in store for you today! In Episode 19 we talk about the Age of Information or in some cases the Age of Misinformation. Many channels and sites online are often filled with subjective and biased information rather than objective sources of truth. We aspire to be students for life, and we highly support you in your quest to also be humans who are hungry to learn and grow. It was Jamie Jasta who said, “Satisfaction is the death of desire.” Endeavour to learn and grow friends, if you do you will live your human experience to the highest level while manifesting supreme levels of creativity along the way! For more info on The Poolside Chats Podcast, or to check our episodes where Kriss/Dom have been guests check out the official page for the Podcast right here at The Continuum Music […]
October 23, 2017
Continuum Music Studio Poolside Chats

Poolside Chats Podcast (Episode 20)

Poolside Chats Podcast: Episode 20 “An Interview with Maag Audio” Episode 20 is a very special, we could even go as far as to say monumental, episode of the podcast! Dom and I are proud to announce that our first guest on the show is none other than the Maag Audio family! This episode is packed with a ton of laughs, quality information, ideas for tracking, mixing, and mastering and a bunch of excellent stories from Cliff Maag Sr. about his journey in the audio engineer world. Hold onto your hats everyone; you are in for a real treat! As many of you know (from following the show, reading the blog, and staying connected with us via social media), we are HUGE fans of Maag Audio in both the digital and analog domain. The Continuum Music Studio has with every Maag Audio product (minus the preamps) on tap! To learn more about Maag Audio check out the extensive blog article […]