March 27, 2017
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Practical Basic Acoustics for a Home Studio

Practical Basic Acoustics for a Home Studio 1.What are You Working With 2.Where Do I Put My Gear? 3.Carpet, Foam, and other things 4.Material Choices 5.Trapping the Bass 6.Upon Reflection 7.Putting it all Together 8.Summary   If you are anything like me,  you look at pro music studios with a little bit of envy. Just the vast array of outboard gear is enough to make me salivate. As a hobbyist not working in or owning a studio, I simply do not have the cash to spend on a whole room or outbuilding dedicated to recording and mixing my music or practicing techniques. With their ‘Floating Room’ construction, odd shaped rooms, lack of external facing windows and crazily thick walls, a recording studio is understandably built to be the most neutral listening and recording space possible. Conversely, a home studio is full of the usual home furniture like a sofas, beds, tables and other items that reflect and absorb sound in […]