October 29, 2016
5 common eq mistakes continuum music studio

Common EQ Mistakes (Part 2 – When In Doubt Leave It Out)

To avoid common EQ mistakes, do your best to educate yourself on the “rules” of EQ so that you can break these rules in creative ways! The best advice we can give you (in our eyes this is the golden rule), from personal experience, is simple: When in doubt, leave the EQ out! How do I leave the EQ out? There are a plethora of ways to mix layers without using EQ. Here is a short list of perspectives you can apply and adapt to your workflow to expand your palette of processing techniques: 1. Use a DeEsser the reduce high-end resonance 2. Use a compressor to smooth out tracks that feel like certain frequencies are poking out in unpleasant ways 3. Use expanders to tighten tracks and remove resonances 4. Use multiband saturation to change the contour and tone of bands 5. Use multiband transient designers or compressors to remove unpleasant regions 6. Use delay to mask frequencies 7. […]